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  • Tips to Understanding Food Labels to be Healthy -"This Chick's Life"

    Vicky Gottschalk, a.k.a. The Chicken Wrangler. You may not know I am Nationally Certified to teach Nutrition, and I taught nutrition for over 20 y...
  • World's Fair Chicken - How Chicken Got So BIG

    World's Fair Chicken - How Chicken Got So BIG

    This is the story of how an Italian immigrant and a grocery store sparked the modern chicken manufacturing industry that we know today. 

    We are still eating the Chicken of Tomorrow, but it is time for a new contest, a contest not for a new Chicken of Tomorrow, but rather for a new kind of agriculture, one that is less focused on corporate profits and more focused on producing strong healthy farms and clean food.

    Read the entire story to learn the whole truth.

  • The Wildly Tasty Difference: Why our chickens should be your only choice.

    The Wildly Tasty Chicken Difference

    I started Wildly Tasty Chicken as a business to offer a healthy fresh option to consumers that share this concern.  Our freezer is always full of farm raised meat that never contains hormones or antibiotics. 

    With a family history that includes heart disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity, macular degeneration, cancer and diabetes I knew early on that I needed to fix the way I fed my family to stay healthy.

    Raising Pasture fed Chicken in Michigan is seasonal.  Our chicks arrive 2 days old, hormone and antibiotic free.  Due to Michigan's climate the chicks live in a specially designed Wildly Tasty Chick Shed.  For the first two weeks of life baby chicks need to live in a 80-90 degree environment.  Night time lows can dip to 50 degrees even in the summer in Michigan, so our chicks go outside when they are 3-4 weeks and have developed feathers...

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