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  • World's Fair Chicken - How Chicken Got So BIG

    World's Fair Chicken - How Chicken Got So BIG

    This is the story of how an Italian immigrant and a grocery store sparked the modern chicken manufacturing industry that we know today. 

    We are still eating the Chicken of Tomorrow, but it is time for a new contest, a contest not for a new Chicken of Tomorrow, but rather for a new kind of agriculture, one that is less focused on corporate profits and more focused on producing strong healthy farms and clean food.

    Read the entire story to learn the whole truth.

  • Chicken is Bad for You

    Chicken is Bad for you.

    You might be surprised that I would say that, since I own Wildly Tasty Chicken. 

    Due to recent loosening of the Chicken regulations 99% of chickens are raised in warehouse facilities.  Chickens are fed only low cost grain, given antibiotics to fight disease, and never go outside, leaving little to no nutrients to be absorbed by the chicken...

    Locally sourced Pasture Raised Chicken is your best best. 

    Wildly Tasty Chickens are raised outside on fresh pasture and only fed high-quality USDA Organic grain.  Our birds are never given hormones, antibiotics or GMO grain...