Our Story

At Wildly Tasty Chicken our mission is to raise healthy, happy chickens that are more nutritious than you find in a store.  We do this by implementing sustainable farming practices that help the earth and provide healthy naturally greener pastures for our horses.  Small batches of chickens are given free range to pasture grass, bugs, sunshine and fresh air in movable houses.  Everyday these “chicken tractor” houses are moved to provide fresh grass and a clean environment for our chickens.

The Wildly Tasty Chicken Farm was designed around the following Guidelines:

  • Chickens always have access to clean water, organic non-GMO supplemental grain
  • Wildly Tasty Chickens are raised outdoors on green pastures by 3 weeks of age
  • Bottomless Chicken Tractors provide shade, sunshine, and protection
  • Chicks and chickens are never in cages, given plenty of room to move in an enriched environment
  • Minimal transport time to our farm from a hatchery in a bordering state and humanly processed by a USDA certified family-run business within 15 miles of our farm


We want everyone - young, old, rich and poor - to begin to make better choices when it comes to what is in the food they eat.  Wildly Tasty Chicken’s web page, store, and blogs are dedicated to spreading the word about healthier chicken choices. 

                        Read my blog: This Chicks Day to learn about:

-My comical adventures on the farm 

-Why I play music for my chickens, and what kind of music they like     

-What exactly is a chicken tractor?    

...and so much more

          Shop our Wildly Tasty Store to help spread the Wildly Tasty word:

- T-shirts, sweatshirts and tanks all have phrases designed to spark a conversation about pasture raised chickens

- Discover old-family Recipes and new recipes that our customers share

- Cooking supplies, and appliances designed to cook Wildly Tasty chicken

- Christmas gifts that are unique and created to inspire others to try pasture raised healthy chicken


Remember our chicken is always, "Wildy Tasty!"