The Wildly Tasty Difference: Why our chickens should be your only choice.

The Wildly Tasty Chicken Difference

Unlike other chicken farms, we can guarantee all our chickens are lovingly raised and processed in the U.S.A.

No antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or GMOs are ever used.

Wildly Tasty Chickens live outside in small batches on fresh green Michigan pasture.

The farm uses regenerative agriculture that builds soil, adds nutrients to the land, conserves water and slows climate change.

Our pasture raised chicken enjoy fresh air sunshine and green grass every day! 

When our supply of pasture raised beef ran out and I ordered more an idea was born.  With only 10 acres raising cows as a business wasn't feasible.  Raising pasture fed chicken was.  Thirty years ago I became concerned about the amount of antibiotics, hormones and GMO laden corn that went into meat available at the grocery store. 

I started Wildly Tasty Chicken as a business to offer a healthy fresh option to consumers that share this concern.  Our freezer is always full of farm raised meat that never contains hormones or antibiotics. 

With a family history that includes heart disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity, macular degeneration, cancer and diabetes I knew early on that I needed to fix the way I fed my family to stay healthy.

Raising Pasture fed Chicken in Michigan is seasonal.  Our chicks arrive 2 days old, hormone and antibiotic free.  Due to Michigan's climate the chicks live in a specially designed Wildly Tasty Chick Shed.  For the first two weeks of life baby chicks need to live in a 80-90 degree environment.  Night time lows can dip to 50 degrees even in the summer in Michigan, so our chicks go outside when they are 3-4 weeks and have developed feathers. 

The Chick Shed has insulated walls and ceilings with hardware cloth screened windows and 2 screen doors that allow fresh air in and keep predators out.  Ceiling fans, heat lamps, and a temperature monitor keep the climate perfect for young chicks. 

At this stage they are fed specially crushed organic feed and fresh water.  The floor is lined with specially purchased soft straw that is changed daily.  Wildly Tasty Chicken knows that even baby chicks peck and eat everything in sight.  Wood chips, sawdust, or bedding is not what we want our chickens eating (yuk).  Hay is dried pasture, and straw is dried wheat, corn, rye grass stalks.

After feathers appear the chicks are moved into their new housing. A Wildly Tasty custom designed Chicken Tractor.  This structure has four walls covered with hardware cloth to allow fresh air, sunshine, wind, rain, and even bugs in for the chickens to enjoy. 

Half of the roof is covered with hardware cloth and half with a tarp to provide protection and offer shade. There is a fan, and heat lamps for the ever changeable Michigan weather and Country Music plays 24/7 to provide a soothing environment from loud noises that may spook an uneasy chicken. The floor is wide-open to the fresh, green pasture,  The Chicken Tractor is moved 15' each and everyday onto fresh green grass.  

Wildly Tasty Chickens thrive outside, with shelter from weather and predators.  They enjoy stretching out on soft pasture during warm weather, resting under the shaded area or sleeping under the warmth of the heat lamp during a cool summer night.

Each day their food supply changes, new varieties of flowers, weeds, seeds, grasses, and insects appear as the chicken tractor moves.  Fresh, clean well water hangs from the cross beams and even organic grain containers sway from the rafters offering well rounded nourishment. 

All of this care and attention means that Wildly Tasty Chicken pasture-raised meat has up to 40% more Vitamin A, 3 times the Omega 3, and because our chickens eat their greens and walk around outside they have up to 20% less fat than conventional chicken and 30% less saturated fat!

Try the Wildly Tasty Chicken difference and feel great about what you eat and feed your family.