Chicken is Bad for You

Chicken is Bad for You

You might be surprised that I would say that, since I own Wildly Tasty Chicken.  Chicken is the most purchased meat consumed today.  Athletes, movie stars and  diet meals world wide choose chicken as the main source of protein.  So how can it be bad for you?

Chickens grow for 10 weeks to 3 months before they are processed.  Twenty years ago it was twice that long.  There isn’t enough time for chickens to consume enough nutrients on low quality grain fed diets.  All you get is high protein meat.  Due to recent loosening of the Chicken regulations 99% of chickens are raised in warehouse facilities.  Chickens are fed only low cost grain, given antibiotics to fight disease, and never go outside, leaving little to no nutrients to be absorbed by the chicken.

Free-range, cage free, even organic can mean virtually the same thing.  Thousands of chickens raised inside large factories, on grain only diets, with no movement and on dirty floors.

Locally sourced Pasture Raised Chicken is your best option. 

Wildly Tasty Chickens are raised outside on fresh pasture and only fed high-quality USDA Organic grain.  Our birds are never given hormones, antibiotics or GMO grain.   The chickens we raise eat their “greens” all day long.  The chicken tractor houses they live in keep them safe, allow sunshine, fresh air and green pasture to eat. The chickens never sit on fecal cover floors, instead we move the houses 1 – 2 times a day.

Here is the secret…chicken poop is the 2nd best fertilizer known to man.  The more we move our chickens, the more “fertilizer” we provide for our pastures.  Chicken poop is so “hot” it kills weeds and leaves behind a deep green grassy pasture.  That deep green pasture is what future chickens eat and other live stock love. 

So, don’t eat chicken that is bad for you.  Choose high quality, clean, locally sourced chicken from Wildly Tasty Chicken.  You can pick up your chicken at the farm and see for yourself.