Take the Second Step to a Happy Healthy Life

Be Happy & Healthy!

This is a tried and true approach to succeed.  It is used in business and therapy seminars in various forms to improve sales, production, and promote wealth and satisfaction.

Behavioral Scientists have spent a lot of time studying how to be happy.  Many people don’t realize that there are proven steps to learn how to be happy.  Everyone wants to be happy, but some people are more successful at attaining happiness than others. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains human motivation.  

There are endless ways to apply the levels of this pyramid. Scientists, study, argue and analysis its application.  Read on and discover how this time-honored theory can be used to improve your life and find success.

Level Two -   Safety Needs 

Level One – Physiological Needs

   air, fire, water, shelter, clothing, sex, sleep


Personal security, Employment, Resources, Health, Property

Personal security, protection from the elements, safe environment, stability, freedom, law & order (not the T.V. show).  The levels have some overlap, you must feel safe and secure.  If you live in a building with bars on the windows, travel to work on a dangerous subway, live in an abusive environment, have sexual relations in a way that is not safe, than you have not met the personal security element. 

Is your job secure, with the ability to move up (more responsibility or income)? Is it stable or do you constantly feel scared that it will be taken away? If your boss or fellow workers are abusive physically, mentally (think mean girls here) then you must find a different source of employment.  If you do not have the skill set to qualify for a better job, this is the level that you seek out resources that can help.

Get resources in place so that you can network, skill build, find education, and mentoring. This level is where you can build a business plan, apply for a loan, look for space to lease, set-up a home office, begin to market and seek out multiple resources for growth. 

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Are you healthy, do you eat well, exercise, feel strong, physically and mentally, are you able to provide preventative health measures?  You do not have to become a vegan or a professional athlete.  Does your employment offer health benefits?  If not; seek out resources to get a health benefit plan or apply for a new job that provides health benefits.

Wealthy people exercise everyday. Start slow, try for every other day and work up to at least 5 days a week for 30 to 60 minutes.  A gym membership is not necessary.  You do need to find a physical activity you can commit to.   Can you garden, walk, run, dance, lift weights, meditate, have access to a yoga or workout app?  Work to establish a routine that you follow without fail. 


Are you able to provide healthy food that you cook, or purchase.  Low-fat, high nutrient Wildly Tasty Chicken raised outside on green pasture is a smart choice. The occasional alcoholic drink is fine, but if you drink 7 days a week, or party in excess you won't have a healthy mind and body that can progress to the next level of success. Do you have a health issue or addiction you are battling; this is the level that you stay until you have found a life-long coping mechanism and support group.

Do you own property, have a long-term rental agreement or lease for housing that is safe and convenient?  This isn’t luxury housing yet. That is another level.

You deserve a reward.  Making it through 2 levels of motivation on your way to success is a huge accomplishment, nice work!  Take a moment to relax in the Wildly Tasty Chicken Beanbag, sit and reflect on the hard work you put in.  Keep in mind, not everyone can get past this level.  You should however, feel motivated to dig in and concentrate on the mastering the life-skills at this second tier.

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