Take the First Step to a Happy Healthy Life

Be Happy & Healthy!

Successful people have many common attributes.  They read books, instead of watch television.  They wake up at the same time 7 days a week, eat breakfast, and exercise/meditate.  They make lists and set goals.  

Behavioral Scientists have spent a lot of time studying how to be happy.  Many people don’t realize that there are steps that are proven to learn how to be happy.  Everyone wants to be happy, but some people are just more successful at attaining happiness. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains human motivation.  The pyramid everyone learned in school might have been wrong. We now know that there are many ways to interpret his theory and the 5-tier pyramid might not have been Maslow’s intention.

Read on and discover how this time-honored theory can be used to improve your life.


Level One – Physiological Needs


Air, Fire, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Sex, Sleep


In order to advance up to the next level you must be able to have these “basic needs” met.

Depending on your life and your motivation for using this pyramid   Air can mean that you live somewhere with clean air. If you don't, you must move. Fire is heat to stay warm and cook.  Water that is clean plentiful to drink, cook, and bath. Shelter for protection. Clothing to wear for home and work (no Gucci is not a basic need), Sex, yes sex is a basic human need that must be met (happy dance).  Sleep is necessary for normal bodily function, although how many hours varies.

If you are trying to achieve independence, move out of your parent’s house, leave a troubled marriage, quit a bad job, begin a business, or relocate then you must be able to provide these without assistance.  You will have to have a source of income that makes enough to provide these. Only after you have basic needs in place can you begin looking at the next level in the pyramid.

For example; Sleep deprivation is a successful a form of torture for good reason.  If you are sleep deprived your mental health, body’s ability to grow, repair, and function normally will be compromised.  Exercise, walk, yoga, meditation, garden to help your body be able to sleep at night. 

This must be fixed before attempting to begin the next level.  A house without a solid foundation will not support the floors above and is doomed to fall down


Do you have appropriate clothing for your new job, or the necessary attire for the business you want to start, can you afford to provide clothing for the type of weather where you will live.   Shelter or housing for you to live, or operate your business, have you found housing where you are moving to?  Luxury apartments, mansions fancy furnishings do not apply. 


Sex that is safe, and provides human contact without being an obsession or dangerous and is consistent enough to meet this need. This does not mean L.O.V.E.  Trying to find love at this stage will doom you to fail.  If you try to move from your parent’s home/care directly into marriage or moving in with a partner you will never fully achieve success.  You must know that you can survive on your own or the fear of never having done this will linger. YOU are the sole focus at this level. Stand on your own, provide for you. If not, years later you may stay in a bad marriage because you fear living on your own.  Worse yet, you might find yourself moving back in with parents because you didn’t plan out the way to provide these basic needs for yourself before taking on more.

If you have these needs met in the appropriate way that is in-line with what your life goal is, then and only then, should you attempt to move up the pyramid.  There is no 100% right answer for when you are ready.  Motivation and confidence serge as Endorphins propel you to the next level. 
You are on your way.                                                 

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