WTC RECIPE- Pssst...The Secret to Moist and Tender Pasture Raised Chicken

Listen close, Brining or Marinating is the secret.  Here's why:

Pasture raised chicken provides more vitamins, minerals, and less fat. The superior nutrition comes at a small price.  At Wildly Tasty Chicken our birds are outside walking around on fresh green pasture behaving like chickens; scratching to find bugs to eat, moving to search out the best tasting clover.  Our chickens are not confined to a box or raised in a warehouse.

24/7 access to the outdoors gives chickens have more muscle and less fat.  Better muscle tone may result in healthier chicken that may not be as tender.

All of our processed chicken rests for a day in the refrigerator prior to freezing.  This makes our chicken have a juicier appearance and slows down the toughening of the meat that can happen when subjected to immediate freezing.

That said, I always recommend marinating or brining for 3-24 hours prior to cooking farm raised chicken unless you are roasting or slow cooking your bird.

 Here's How

1.  In a large pot or bowl mix Water and Sea Salt until salt is dissolved.
     1 gallon water:3/4 cup sea salt  
2.  Try adding a few Bay Leaves or Lemon Zest
      I add Buttermilk for a delicious added twist
3.  Place chicken in the salt water
     (chicken should be submerged in the brine)
4. Cover and refrigerate for up to 24 hours
Pat chicken dry prior to cooking and remember that you won't need to add any of the salt called for in your favorite recipe.

                                Enjoy your tender, Wildly Tasty Chicken!

Be sure to check out our marinate recipes to use in place of brining and share your tips and favorite chicken cooking methods.

Salt Water-Brining your Wildly Tasty Chicken or Thanksgiving Turkey

Seawater or Brining has been used to break down the proteins and allow them to hold more moisture for centuries.

Salt dissolved in water acts like a magnet.  causing the salt to bind with the meat.

The meat absorbs the salt and water (the chemistry of the atoms cause muscle fibers to  open and allow water to enter the tissue) The cells fill with water making each bite you take softer and juicier.

Dissolve salt in water, pace thawed turkey or chicken in pan with water cover the entire bird.  Then keep it in refrigerator for 12-48 hours.  Cook until Thermometer in thigh is 165 degrees.  Over cooking does not make the bird safer, just dryer.

-Science of Brining,