Wildly Tasty Chicken - Quick Recipes (one-pan, easy to prepare, quick to clean up)

Wildly Tasty Chicken QUICK RECIPE 1

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
Rinse Wildly Tasty Whole Chicken
Place in roasting pan (spray coating)
Drizzle olive oil over chicken
Sprinkle: garlic salt, pepper to taste
Cook covered for 30 min
Uncover and cook with vegetables for 20-30 min
Put vegetables on cookie sheet drizzle oil, garlic salt, pepper
Check meat thermometer (165 degrees F)


Wildly Tasty Chicken QUICK RECIPE 2

Rinse Wildly Tasty Chicken   
Place in slow-cooker
Drizzle olive oil or
            Wildly Tasty Chicken Broth
Sprinkle: lemon pepper, salt to taste
Cook while you work
Serve with salad and crusty rolls