Wildly Tasty Chicken - Celebrates World Redhead Day

Where are the Redheads?

Less than 2% of the world’s population has red hair.  High concentration of redheads, about 13% are from Scotland.  Ireland follows closely with 10% and they have an annual festival each summer to celebrate.

How rare are Redheads?

The rarest type of redhead is one with blue eyes.  The odds of having this recessive gene type is less than 0.2%.  Most redheads have green, hazel or brown eyes (Medical Daily).

Those delicate Redheads!

Yep, it is scientifically proven that redheads are more sensitive to pain and can require more anesthetic than other hair types.  

Left-handed Redheads?

The recessive gene that causes red hair usually comes in pairs.  Left-handed Redheads is a common thing.  Watch for a lot of redheads to be out celebrating on August 13th (International Left-Handers Day).

Where do Redheads get their genes?

Stanford University reports that many genes must be present to have a redheaded baby.  Both parents have to have a version of up to eight different genes. 

Why don’t Redheads get grey hair?

Instead of turning grey, redheads pigment fades to blond, then white, but not grey.

Do Redheads need less Vitamin D? 

It turns out that Redheads are able to produce Vitamin D at a higher rate due to the lack of melanin in their skin.  The conversion of Sunlight to Vitamin D is easier. 

Will Redheads be extinct like the Dinosaurs?

There have been a lot of studies that predicted Redheads may not exist in the near future due to the recessive nature of the genes.  However, new studies seem to indicate that Redheads are here to stay and instead the elusive Red hair-blue eye combination may become even more rare.

Get out there and spot a Redhead today!