Top New Years Resolutions - "This Chick's Life"

Top New Years Resolutions


Reduce stress 

Get in shape

Start eating healthier food, and less food overall

Sleep better

Stop procrastinating

Improve your concentration and mental skills 

Learn to be happier

Meet new people

Become more active

Spend more time with family

Become more confident and take some chances

Earn more money

Read more

Become more organized


Studies show that Resolutions made on New Year’s Day rarely are kept.


Instead try adopting one (1) new healthy habit every 3-6 months, and include family and friends to build a support group.  That way everyone wins.



So, let’s take a look at this list in a different, more manageable way:  You can accomplish ALL of the items on this list by changing or maintaining three (3) simple habits.

Read the next article to find out how easy it is to accomplish all of these life-style improvements  in 2021.