Take the Fourth Step to a Happy Healthy Life

Be Happy & Healthy!

Level Four – Esteem

Level Three – Love and Belonging Needs

friendship intimacy, family, a sense of connection

Level Two -   Safety Needs

personal security, employment, resources, health, property


Level One – Physiological Needs

air, fire, water, shelter, clothing, sex, sleep


Respect, Self-esteem, Recognition, Strength, Freedom

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Queen Aretha had it spot on).  Gaining a colleague, parent, or friend's respect makes us feel great.  Respect and Self-Esteem work together.  It is hard to have one without the other.  A healthy mind and body are necessary to have the respect of others and good self-esteem.  

Boy, did Freud love to live here; EGO baby.  Ego or self-esteem are not always a bad thing.  Society teaches that to boast and seek praise is being prideful and bragging (a sin even).  Philosophers and scientists know that a healthy ego is good.  Recognition from those we associate aids mental health, helps with relationships, and social circles, motivates learning and can be the result of achievement at each of the first three levels.  A person with good self-esteem can help others in their community.  They can be mentors, provide job assistance, be better partners and parents. 

Self-esteem and respect are the result of a good foundation.  Your childhood, family and education form the cement that supports your EGO and commands respect.  Adults are the result of their childhood experiences.

An abusive childhood can be a life-long hurdle to get over.  Low self-esteem takes work at all levels to triumph.  Mind, Body, Soul need to healthy. Humans need recognition that we matter to family, friends, co-workers. A good community (friends & family) are necessary.  It is not possible to get past this level if you are a loner. 

Skipping to this level can mean that you lack compassion, and the need for intimacy and connection to the environment around you (level 3).   A person with too much ego, that has been given undo respect, or recognition can cause harm to others and feel no responsibility or humanity.  Narcissistic personalities do not even realize that they have not accomplished level three.  Others may give intimacy and compassion to the narcissist, but they are incapable of giving love and caring back.  

A sickness or addiction will make this level unattainable.  A cure, or management of the sickness or addiction is necessary.  If you are unhealthy others will perceive this weakness and true respect and recognition will not be given. Wildly Tasty Wildly Tasty Chicken's pasture raised meat is part of a healthy diet.  Our chicken is raised outdoors in fresh air and sunshine.  The green pastures and organic feed infuse vitamin A, Omega 3 into the meat of our birds.  Freedom of movement that our chickens have out on the pasture means they have very little fat.  

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A spoiled child that had an easy childhood (perfect son, star of sports team, coasted through college) also struggle at level three.  they might skim through it to this level and then wonder why they are divorced and remarried so often.  Without the ability to show love and give back intimacy to others you will always struggle with relationships of the intimate nature.

Strength of mind found from the respect and recognition of your community is achieved.  Freedom to know that you have succeeded in your life goals and contributed to those in your community is won.  Strength of conviction and the freedom of choice can be found at this stage. This is very difficult to get to this level until late in life.  Women and Men will circle back to levels three and four multiple times in their life.

The final level should be viewed like dangling a carrot as incentive to keep trying.  There is a saying in the dog racing circuit, once a dog gets the stuffed rabbit racing on the inner rail, it will never run as fast again.  The thrill of the chase is gone.

Philosophers disagree on Maslow's true intention for this level.  Should level five be attainable or is it just an motivational tool to succeed?

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