Quick Steps to Digestive Health - "This Chick's Life"

 8 Easy ways to improve your Gut-health
 help your Digestive System Work for you!


Keep Hydrated

Eat Slowly

Reduce Fat Intake                                              Wildly Tasty Chicken is low-fat

Lower your sugar intake


Take Prebiotic fiber

Quit Smoking

Eat Probiotic foods

Know how to Read a Nutrition Label on the food you buy! 

Have you read the back of a Pop/Soda can?


40g of Sugar divided by 4 = 10 teaspoons of Sugar in 1 can of pop!

Sugar levels will increase body Fat, Glucose levels in the blood causing diabetic issues, disrupt digestion, and more.

If you drink 2 cans of pop a day...do the math that equals 140 teaspoons of sugar in a week, or just less than 1.5 lbs of sugar.





To Understand how to Read and Calculate the true Nutrition from the food you buy Read This:



Part II of this article will be published soon...until then begin by READING this: