5 Ways to Help a Loved One be Healthier in 2021 - "This Chick's Life"

1 Talk to them.

 Ask them what they want to improve on.  What are their goals?  Do they want to loose weight?  Do they want to be able to do an activity?  Are they concerned about their health?

Do not make the mistake that everyone wants to jump on a scale and loose 20 pounds.  I refuse to have a scale in my house.  I threw mine out when I was 24. 

It was my choice to become more focused on feeling good, appreciating how I feel in my clothes, tests at doctor visits are within range, aerobic ability to do activities I want to do.  I am not interested in weighing a certain amount, or having “Barbie” doll measurements.

If your loved one is then you know what they are going to focus on and can be better able to coach them and keep them motivated.


2  Offer to help with meal planning and grocery shopping.

People get so focused on setting goals they forget the technical aspects that have to be done.  Changing how you shop, where you shop, trying new recipes and planning out weeks’ worth of meals can be overwhelming.

A huge struggle is stocking their refrigerator and shelves with clean healthier options.  Sitting down and searching through recipes and making lists with someone can take some of the pressure off and help your loved one ease into their new healthier lifestyle.

Meal planning and grocery shopping is a challenge and is a big reason why people fail at their attempts to eat healthier.  Planning 3 new meals every day is time consuming and many will need to adjust their budgets as well.

3  Find out how they want you to help them

Don’t flood their in box with positive goal setting quotes if that isn’t helpful to them.  They may just need a sounding board to talk through difficult days. 

They may not want any help when it comes to what they eat, it can be personal.  Instead, they could just be looking for someone to commit to walking or exercise class for motivation to go.  Be the loved one that they count on to be there so they don’t ditch a workout session.

4  Remind them often that change should be slow

It is much easier to add or change one thing every two months.  Habits are hard to break and health should be a life style.  If they try to change their diet and exercise all at once it will not work for the long term.

Baby Steps are needed.  Drop the pop/cola beverages and drink ice cold lemon water with every meal. Start walking, yoga or gardening 30 minutes a day every other day.

 Put one foot in front of the other.  Two months later they have had time to research meal plans.  Try drinking ice cold lemon water first thing in morning and wait 1 hour before eating.   Add in the new meals 3 days a week.

Two months later.  Increase the exercise to 30 minutes every day. 

 Keep adding a healthy change every two months.

5 Grow food together

Small indoor container gardens are easy to start and maintain.  If you grow tomatoes, have your love one grow lettuce and herbs.  Then share your food.

Food shared with friends and family always tastes better, and fresh clean food that your grow or that you find at a local farm is healthier and tastier.